Jack Laboz, DJ & Music Producer


This next featured artist is one we're especially proud of here at Betty Laboz NYC. In addition to being Betty's older brother, Jack Laboz is an incredibly talented musician studying at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, a select program of NYU Tisch. Currently, at twenty years old, Jack is an aspiring producer, and DJ who performs at many different venues around New York such as the Mercury Lounge and Brooklyn Bazaar. On top of that, Jack is also a songwriter releasing music on SoundCloud at least once a month! Whether it be an original song or a remix he and his friends collaborated on, Jack is very consistent with his posts and his trademark style of electric pop. As of now, Jack focuses on centering his current music style around a niche audience; one that can really vibe with the high-energy, dancey, upbeat, and all-around positive/happy electro-pop music signature to him. In the future, Jack hopes to become a professional, full-time producer, who will continue to put out this specific, almost genreless style, along with some more mainstream music.


Most recently, Jack performed at Kingsland, a popular music venue in Brooklyn. Jack has said that he enjoys playing DJ sets at these types of fun scenes around twice a month to feel the exhilaration of performing and to spread the positivity of his music to as many people as possible. Projects Jack works on include remixing his friends' music with his distinct sound, and trying to meet lesser known, underground artists in hopes of producing their music. On April 24th, Jack plans to put out a song titled, "eyes4me." This is a song about loving yourself and appreciating your positive attributes. The track is a collaboration between Jack and one of his friends, Jackie Marchal, who goes by "Jackie" in the music scene. The tune has a very summery vibe, and kind of house feel that Jack left his stamp on. Also, fans should be real excited because Jack is about to reach one thousand follows on SoundCloud, and he's planning to release a very special surprise for everyone once he gets there!!


After speaking to Jack, we asked him what it was like to have Betty as a younger sister and what he said showed how far a familial bond could push people. "I was always very proud of my younger sister because of how passionate and talented she is. She is also very inspiring because she puts her all into everything she does. Her enthusiastic and professional work ethic drives me forward and is very motivating for an older brother like me."


With all being said about Jack, we are all truly honored to have been able to collaborate with such a fantastic spirit and talent. Jack's stellar kindness, positive energy, and go-with-the-flow attitude have made him more than a pleasure to work with. It's no surprise that we are only ever proud of him, and can't wait to see where his future takes him. We can all tell that someday his future will be as bright as he is.

Until then, check him out on SoundCloud, Instagram, and Spotify!!

AND don't forget to listen to his latest release "Got it Down," available on Spotify!!!!!