Jamie Sutton, Makeup Artist

I always take great pleasure in introducing up-and-coming artists with emerging styles and talent prowess that is set to make a huge impact on the art world.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Jamie Sutton, a freelance makeup artist from New York City. Jamie is 18 years old and currently studies at Barnard College.

Amongst all the artists I work with, I take great pride when I have a chance to work with Jamie. We have collaborated together on two of my photo shoots. Both yielded outstanding results. Jamie is able to make any subject come to life and shine with an indelible brilliance. This is all due to her talent, and her methodical process as she works. Our sessions were relentless, fast and flawless. Jamie has an innate ability to understand the kind of look I am going for, and translating that into her work.


In her own words, Jamie started doing makeup because she has always been inspired by art. Makeup is just one of the mediums in which she expresses herself. One specialty in which Jamie has built a following is her special occasion make up, which lends seamlessly to her love of editorial makeup. Both experiences empower her to be as creative as she wants to be.

Here are some of my favorites looks Jamie has created while working with us.

Through Barnard College of Columbia University, Jamie gets ample opportunities to carry out her own editorial fashion shoots for the Barnard fashion magazine, Hoot. Academically, her cutting-edge artistic lenses equally matched by her love of artists of the past, which is why she has chosen to major in Art History, with a concentration in Studio Art.

Jamie's love of emboldening the face with augmented vibrancies and color is evidence of her pursuit to weave themes and motifs across every facet of every subject with whom she works.

The way Jamie delicately handles every aspect of the face is astounding. We will no doubt see Jamie's work on more runways and fashion shoots going forward into the future. Her technical ability and creative lens set Jamie apart from her peers, and she will only continue to leverage her skills as she navigates Barnard, and beyond.

I can't wait to work with her again.

Until next time, you can check out more of Jamie’s work on Instagram - @jamiesuttonmakeup

But for now, check these pictures out for some behind the scene pictures with Jamie: