Kat Vlasova, Photagrapher

I wanted to take another moment and mention a new artist I’ve discovered. Like I
always say, I love connecting my fans with up and coming talent from the art
community in New York, and the art community all over the world. These artists are
young, stylish, and fierce—and very soon, they’ll be the ones taking over the
industry, and forging their own creative visions to inspire new generations.
Anyway, enough grandiose talk. Let’s get down to what this is about. I recently met
Kat Vlasova—a photographer and multimedia artist studying at the NYU Gallatin
School of Individualized Study. Her emphasis is on the relationship between visual
and performance art and technology—and she’s pretty amazing with what she does.
Her creative lens is really fine-tuned, and it shows in her work.


Right now, at 20, Kat is actively working as a freelance portrait photographer—and P.S., she’s also a hyper-talented experimental music artist who goes by the moniker “Holographic Girlfriend.” It doesn’t get much more creative and multi-faceted than this. 

Kat has found a beautiful symmetry between these three mediums. It’s no secret,
and quite frankly, undeniable how much of a convergence there is between the art
world and the tech world—and that’s only going to become more apparent. Kat is
poised to be right at the front of that new peak of artistry.


I met Kat not too long ago for a photo shoot, and I instantly fell in love with her. Kat
understands that photography is about more than what’s in front of the camera. I
was chasing a feeling, and Kat captured it flawlessly. I felt like I had known Kat
forever. Her dedication to every photograph—and all the intricate details—was
mind-blowing. I can’t wait to book another gig with her again.
Here are some of the amazing photos from our shoot:
I was also quick to notice just how comfortable the shoot felt with Kat. It was like time stopped, and our talent had the mental space and confidence to exude all the emotions and visual aesthetics that really made the designs feel larger than life. 
Kat is one of those rare artists who you know is going to go very far in life right from
the start. She easily conquers her crazy schedule—from her constant NYU classes to
her revolving roster of clients to her pursuits in music. Kat is a constant learner, and
she’s constantly evolving her artistry every time a new passion catches her

A lot of people, especially young artists, get side-tracked as the years go on, and they start to drift from what truly inspires them. Kat is the opposite of that kind of personality. Her dedication is infallible. Her drive is insatiable—and her love for what she does is unstoppable. Our shoots have produced unreal results, and I can’t wait to share more of them with you. 

Until then, you can get a full dose of Kat’s work on her Instagram: