Nerika, Singer and Songwriter


Nerika is a New York based singer/songwriter, unafraid to push the boundaries of pop. Hailing from both New Hampshire and Jamaica with her bubbly disposition and fiery personality, she fuses island vibes with explosive pop in her mission to be a voice for people who feel like they don’t have one, specifically kids of immigrants. 

The spirited artist has performed and interacted with BSU groups at academic institutions such as Pratt University, UNH, and NYU in addition to venues such as Arlene’s Grocery, The Verizon Wireless, Lincoln Center, and The Brooklyn Bazaar.

Nerika is senior at NYU within the Recorded Music program, a psychology minor, and an event production intern at Milk Studios where she fuses her love for fashion, music, and the event production culture. The quirky, fun, female dominated brand that is Milk Events inspires the artist to translate these experiences into her music career that she foresees  intertwining with not only music, but education and unique experiences, creating installations at various museums and cultural centers. Her brand encapsulates something bigger than just herself -- a nuanced culture.

She believes in the power of curiosity, constantly intrigued by the functions of the human mind and how understanding it can be used to enhance human connection and create immersive experiences.

The 22-year-old, self-proclaimed “cultural misfit” will release her debut single “Runnin’” April 2018, which we cants wait for!! 

Working with Nerika was such a pleasure, not only because of her visible beauty and her amazing talent, but also because of her sweet smile and heart. 

To see more of Nerika and her talent, check her out on SoundCloud and follow her on Instagram @itsnerika