Naomi Treistman, Visual Artist

Naomi Treistman -

Naomi is a passionate and gifted 21 year old artist born and raised in Lima, Peru. Her positive energy and easygoing attitude never fail to help create beautiful works of art and inspire those around her. Currently, Naomi attends the School of Visual Arts, a college that focuses on many professional arts, encompassing design, entertainment, communication, and the fine arts. Here, Naomi majors in Visual and Critical Studies, a program for nearly seventy ambitious students who look to combine their studio art with philosophy, theory, and criticism. Since moving to the United States, Naomi has said she really enjoys the booming culture and diverse life of New York City, and we couldn't agree more!

Naomi's story at Betty Laboz NYC began when Betty met her at a party through a mutual friend. After an introduction and a bit of chatting, they decided to collaborate and create a line of creative streetwear. Naomi then modeled her work where not only was she able to show off her incredible artistic talents but also her charm and individuality. Her inspiration is centered around life itself; nature, animals, and how we as people are able to socialize with each other and create beautiful things are all contributing factors to how she puts together her masterpieces.

Naomi, as she puts it, is a "chromatic fanatic" and it is difficult for her to choose a favorite color, but if she had to decide it would probably be cerulean. Her favorite musicians include John Coltrain and the group Florence + the Machine, but, as she notes, her favorites usually change frequently due to her developing taste. For example, now she is a fan of the Beach Boys and specifically their song "Vegetables." In twenty years from now, Naomi hopefully sees herself living in a glass house with a waterfall in Japan, where she will work on paintings in her studio, dressed up in a kimono, and surrounded by pets. That being said, we can't wait to see what is in store for Naomi's future! Surely it will be beautiful :)

Until then, see more of Naomi on Instagram, @omiflowers 

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