Raquel Michel, Creative Artist

Raquel Michel ~

Today, I take great joy in introducing Raquel Michel. Raquel is a multi-talented 18-year-old from Forest Hills, NY, who currently attends The City College of New York. At the moment, she is working as an intern for a start-up, managing marketing, public relations, and even social media. Her seemingly endless creative talents include stunning photography, videography, and creating cover art/funny edits for her friends using graphic design. The Instagram account, @raquelsfriendz is just one of Raquel's creative portfolio outlets where she posts some of her artsy and fun works. As if all of that wasn't enough, she is also an incredible singer and songwriter! You can check out her new upbeat pop song, "FOOLS," available on SoundCloud now and definitely keep an eye out for the new tunes she has coming soon.

Fortunately, we at Betty Laboz NYC had the pleasure of working with Raquel behind the scenes during our photo shoots. She's the one always capturing the funny moments and cute Instagram stories. Raquel's positive energy, creative talents, and all around good vibes make her one-of-a-kind and put everyone in a cheerful mood. We see only bright things for Raquel...

To more of Raquel, you can find her on instagram @Raquel_michel, as well as Soundcloud