About Us

The best creative ideas happen when one point of inspiration meets another. 

Last year, I found myself uninspired by the constant monotony of schoolwork. The thought of having to study all year was one of dread, and I found myself inspired to create something of my own.

In my heart, I had always wanted to design my own clothing line—and so I dove right in. With inspiration from my family and friends, and their invaluable support, I finished my first portfolio, and called it Betty Rose.

At first, I didn't know what to think. I was 16, and the thought of creating a company to leverage my designs and become an entrepreneur seemed like something that wasn’t supposed to be for someone so young.

The positive feedback I received on my portfolio, however, changed my life.

Once again, inspiration from others, combined with my passion and enthusiasm for my own artistic inspirations, combined, and I stepped forward into my next adventure—Betty Laboz NYC.

I opened an office in New York City, and started to imbue the same passion into Betty Laboz NYC. One by one, I began to create every piece by hand from my office, which is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

After seeing how multiple inspirations came together in my work to create Betty Rose, I began stressing collaboration in everything I worked on.

I started introducing myself to the creator community across New York. I met artists, actors, musicians, other designers, and brilliant people who knew how to hone their creativity, and express their ideas through every medium.

From meeting these eclectic and hyper imaginative people, I had another idea. These artists deserved to be recognized. That's why I started the Editorial section of this site—which gives artists of all mediums an opportunity to showcase their talent, all while wearing Betty Laboz NYC. For every line we produce at Betty Laboz NYC, we will feature another new, young artist looking to take on the world.

Proliferating and elevating passion through collaboration and inspiration has always been important to me. Now, through Betty Laboz NYC, not only can I spread that sense of artistry throughout fashion culture, but I can empower other artists just like me to do the same.